Oregon Measure 104 Ensures Oregon Legislature Respects More Oregonians and Not Just the Ones in Portland

Yes on Oregon Measure 104Required buy-in from outside of Portland is the solution to inequitable control of state government – and that starts with funding.I am not a fan of changes to the Oregon Constitution. We should be able to trust our government enough so that when we pass a law, that law is enforced. Oregon Governor Kate Brown demonstrated she cannot be trusted to protect do that by demonstration – the passage of Measure 98 and then trying to under-funding it:

Gov. Kate Brown’s budget proposal in December proposed slashing the measure’s funds in half, while the co-chairs of Ways and Means — a large committee that crafts the state’s budget — are proposing a one-third reduction as part of its 2017-19 budget.

Oregon Measure 104 ensures that increasing funds to the government requires more buy in outside of the Portland metro area, and therefore the votes originating outside of the metro area become more important.


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