Beaverton School District Pummels First Amendment Rights of Employee on Illegal Immigration

Deputy Superintendent is not free to retweet political posts on his private Twitter account, according to Beaverton School District.Beaverton School District issued an apology after a deputy superintendent retweeted a post claiming illegal immigrants cause more deaths than assault rifles on his private Twitter account that indicates no affiliation to his work.

The apology came by way of his direct report, Superintendent Don Grotting, the highest paid school superintendent in Oregon in a district that last year had to lay off 75 staff members because of increases in PERS contributions.

Steve Phillips himself has not apologized as of yet, which is no surprise since his political opinions as a private citizen are his own, and not the business of his employer – or does this apply only to non-elected administrative personnel, and not Oregon teachers and their representative union?

If you feel that public employees that aren’t union tools should be able to voice their political views in public, feel free to contact Beaverton School District Don Grotting and the Beaverton School Board.

Who to Contact

  • Superintendent Don Grotting:
  • #Beaverton School Board Chair Anne Bryan:

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