Democrats in Oregon House Shamelessly Representing Union over Public Interest

The Oregon House wants to increase costs by requiring class size to be a part of any union contract negotiation, no matter who does or doesn’t want it.

Apparently the democrats in the Oregon House think they are union reps rather than representatives of the population of Oregon citizens with House Bill 41113.  This bill would require class sizes be a part of any negotiated teacher contract.

Why does the government need to require this, when all it does is force higher costs on the public? After all, what is negotiated is between the union and district negotiators – why stack the cards against the public?

Factoring in class size can only increase costs. If the goal is to account for the lack of fairness as to why some teachers end up spending hundreds more hours grading papers, then you need to look at the inequity between types of instructors – and unions don’t want you to consider that. Consider the English teacher that takes home stacks of essays, while other teachers take home nothing. Shouldn’t the English teacher be apportioned for what they are doing, but what another instructor isn’t doing?

If you want to factor in inequity in teacher load, then pay those with the increased load more, and pay those with a lesser load less – and let the district work that out with the union.


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