Portland Mayor & Portland Police Make PDX the Unfriendliest City for Business

PDX Protests TrumpLeaders arrested for leading illegal protesting in the streets, kids skipping school, just get citations, and not even misdemeanors. You’d be crazy to move your business to PDX.Portland Lame Duck Mayor Charlie Hales continues to restrain Portland police from curtailing illegal street protests (even the ACLU of Oregon admits  it is illegal to block traffic), letting over a hundred people arrested so far off with traffic citations, including the miscreant leaders.

Over $1 million in damage to businesses so far, not counting the actual loss of business itself.

All poor Charlie can do is pout over the fact that the protesters won’t join his organized protest, seeing through his attempt to pal it up with what makes Portland Weird. You can’t blame the PDX police, but they are answerable to Hales.

No business leader in their right mind will located to Portland. A much better alternative is the route taken by Nike in selecting Beaverton as the world headquarters of Nike. Here is why it is so much better than PDX:

  • Cheaper rent with less red tape for setting up your business. PDX has lots and lots of arcane requirements, and its really expensive unless you are a one man start up in a shared space.
  • You have access to Portland and Oregon International Airport via MAX. Yes, it is one MAX ride into town and across the city to the airport.
  • Housing costs are rising but not as fast as in PDX. Homes are cheaper, schools are better and there is less crime.
  • You don’t have miscellaneous taxes such as the infamous Art Tax, and creative diversion of funds from utility payers to pet projects

We at Oregon Next support every individual’s right to free speech, but even rights granted under the Constitution do not allow you to riot.


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