Portland Community College Safe Spaces Itself with Ban on Anti- Whiteness Month Reporter

White History MonthWe’ve learned that Michael Strickland, the indie reporter of Laughing at Liberals that covered the racist Whiteness History Month event is banned from Portland Community College.Strickland was recently in the news after two videos and an arrest at the recent protest by Don’t Shoot PDX over the police-caused deaths of two black men.

There is no mistaking Strickland’s actions where he pulls out a pistol and waves it, but the reason why he did this has not yet been revealed. In the videos, it appears that he is responding to one or more individuals that were menacing him at the Portland event.

Laughing at Liberals appears to be a YouTube channel that covers events in the Portland Metro Area. A special playlist incorporates videos from Portland Community College’s Whiteness History Month, a nationally notorious event intended to discomfort people identified as racially white.

Given Strickland has yet to be formally charged, Portland Community College appears to be launching its own attack against Strickland whose site not only covered the events (reported in other media as heavily edited), but attempts by Whiteness History Month organizers and supporters to eject him from the event. The site also encouraged watchers to contact the temporary head of Portland Community College directly.

It is worth noting that the events in downtown Portland did not take place on Portland Community College property or at a PCC sponsored event.

Strickland’s day in court will eventually come, however he is being broadly painted by the Portland area media and online community as an ‘anti-protester’ and as a ‘racist’. If you watch the videos he captured in which he interacts with Portland area activists it is clear how much he is hated by them and how often he has been threatened with physical harm.

2 thoughts on “Portland Community College Safe Spaces Itself with Ban on Anti- Whiteness Month Reporter”

  1. The journalists of Laughing at Liberals have every right to feel threatened. A little over a year ago one of their own as assaulted by an anti-gun activist while at a rally. The attack left him with a permanent injury to his shoulder. So much for the ” tolerance” and “peace” these liberals preach.

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