Portland Community College to Move Forward with White Shaming Month

Shame on Portland Community CollegeIs it shaming if some people say it is, but PCC doesn’t?  It is time to defund PCC until they retract and apologize from this plan to encourage hatred of whites.First, lets put a cute face on this April Fool’s Joke that PCC is perpetuating on the public at our expense. It isn’t funny that PCC has devoted time and money to political activism. Whiteness is a label for an artificial construct that politic activists would like to pass off as true – because they’ve attached a label to it.

Apparently bolstering the image of individual ethnic groups hasn’t been effective, therefore Portland Community College positions itself as a solution provider with a message of hate.

No matter which council or collective within Portland Community College is responsible for this racist event, it has the approval of its acting leader, and therefore it ultimately is an administrative decision that should have consequences.

Those consequences should be:

  • A public apology for the event
  • Acknowledgement that it is offensively racist to a portion of the population
  • Re-allocation of any funds from the internal sponsoring bodies to cover any costs of the event

Until this happens, I encourage anyone who considers this event to be racist to:

  • Vote down any bond or measure affecting Portland Community College
  • During any public discussion of financing of Portland Community College, communicate why they need to retract first

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