Arrest of Ammon Bundy Will Not End the Story from Harney County

Steen's Mountain in Harney CountyPatience paid off for the FBI and Harney County as Ammon Bundy and his group are arrested. This is looking more like the beginning rather than the end of a more complicated story.

Certainly some members of the FBI and Oregon Governor Kate Brown are probably thinking its time to unfurl a Mission Accomplished banner over the arrest of a group and the death of member LaVoy Finicum. They would be wrong to think so – as we learned with the fall of the Soviet Union, cutting off the head of the dragon is a victory that leaves you with a garden full of snakes, burst forth from the body of the dragon which we never understood was there.

What wasn’t understood in this incident is clear though to many. The takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is a symptom of a problem in America – an unfavored tribe in America is telling the others that they are still here.  No place is this more apparent than in the state of Oregon, where a heavily populated, extremely liberal (but otherwise, by population, small) city of Portland directs virtually all political power of a state which is sparsely populated, rural and poor.

The group that took over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge didn’t seek out an online brand and banner like #blacklivesmatter – maybe they should have, before being granted the #yallqaeda one by opponents.

This could either mean an end to the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, or it could mean more extreme interests will create a much more dangerous situation in Harney County – whichever, we’ve seen escalation rather than deescalation.

This could also further stimulate a greater radicalization of the unfavored tribe in the United States, which in the long term is a far more dangerous proposition in a country that is suffering from becoming a nation of tribes.



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