Your Next Employee Can Be a Criminal in Oregon

Ban the Box PART IIHouse Bill 3025 goes into effect in January 2016 and prevents employers from asking about applicant’s criminal history on their job application. This law is social engineering at its worst and illustrative as to why new businesses with employees should not relocate to Oregon.

Consider the following – a quote I credit to Dennis Richardson, about Oregon business, to get a sense of the landscape of employment in Oregon.

While Oregon has over 400,000 tax-filing businesses, only 108,000 of them have employees. Of that, 55% have only between 1-4 employees.

So we have approximately 400,000 tax filing businesses and of these, 292,000 have no employees. That means either shell companies or, they are made up of ‘managers’ who do all the work – sole proprietorships, limited liability companies and others in which tax liability passes through.

Of the 108,000 remaining companies,  59,400 are very small companies of 1-4 employees, and 48,600 have greater than 4 employees.

The Xenium agency compiled an excellent FAQ on this topic. As a takeaway, you could argue that only 108,000 companies in Oregon are affected. The smaller employers though are affected the most, because they do not have infrastructure in place to easily comply with the new requirements and reporting.

Being an ex-con is the result of making bad choices.

Many race focused political organizations are attempting to make it about race, because there is a disproportionate number of people of color in prison. Prisoners of color didn’t choose their race, but they did choose to commit a crime. You aren’t a racist if you do not want an ex-con working in your business. You aren’t a racist if you do not want an ex-con providing you with essential services.

In light of this, I believe it is reasonable to ask a service provider if anyone with a felony conviction will be providing you with a service, if it is something that would discomfort you.

This is yet another reason why you should not start a company with employees in Oregon.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I believe ex-cons do not deserve to re-integrate with society – please wait until I can write a follow up on how this very liberal system thwarts exactly that.

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