Dembrow’s Portland Economic Kingdom Threatens Control Over Minimum Wage Self Determination

PDX Empire BuildingSen. Portland-D Senator Dembrow wants Oregon to have three minimum wage regions, with a Portland-centric high minimum wage pressed on Washington and Clackamas counties to pay for Portland’s high cost of living.

Portland and the State of Oregon have similar economic issues, but the issues in Portland are far more acute and exacerbated by Portland’s unwillingness to change. Two issues especially are intertwined: cost of housing and cost of living.

A sensible approach is to allow any jurisdiction – county or city – to set its own minimum wage independently of others. But again, that isn’t enough for those with an imperial mind set from Portland, which doesn’t see the difference between Portland and Portland Metro Area.

Likely there are people in Washington and Clackamas counties who would like to earn a very high minimum age. But they will enjoy less of it than Portland.

What will happen is that other nearby counties which have a lower minimum wage will see businesses move in from Washington and Clackamas. There will be no such bleed from Portland because these two counties act as buffers.

Oddly enough, D-Portland and Speaker of the House Tina Kotek and Andrea Paluso, co-chair of the Fair Shot for All, believe in dropping the ban against regional differences, though they both want a $13.50 minimum wage.

This is another case of Not-Portland paying to indulge the habits of Portland.


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