High Rent in Portland Metro? Say the Word: Gentrification

Homeless in PDXGuardian Shield priced out of Beaverton? Record rent hikes in Portland? Yes, it is gentrification. It doesn’t just happen to to people of color.

The Oregonian is treating us twice today with two stories on Oregonlive.com about rent hikes – in Portland as well as in Beaverton.  It makes sense that rent increases would follow in Beaverton and any place served by Metro and MAX.

Portland’s city council has ordered a 90 day warning on no-reason evictions and rent increases of over 5% – weak sauce to be sure – but in this case there’s not much they can do with a state ban on local rent control. And even with that a lawsuit is forthcoming.

The middle class of Portland and metro are learning what it feels like to be priced out of their rental property. Or they are learning that its better to own rather than rent. Or both. They are certainly getting a taste of gentrification.

If your first inclination upon hearing about the cost of housing in Portland is to crow about increasing the minimum wage, then think again.

Why increase wages just to put more into the pockets of landlords who can simply keep jacking up your rent?

The next session, the state legislature needs to uncuff local government from passing their own rent controls – let every locality solve the problem their own way.

In the meantime, move to a location which you can afford, just like those who had to do exactly that in areas of Portland that were gentrified over the last twenty years.

Guardian Shield provides us with a perfect quote of the day:

“I will do my best, but if you feel that your neighborhood needs a superhero, look in the mirror.” – Guardian Shield

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