Oregon Needs to Stop Passing the Trash in Politics

What do David Wu , Bob Packwood and John Kitzhaber have in common? Yes, they all resigned their offices in shame. But worse, the clouds which overhung and eventually caused them to resign were known factors to those who elected and supported them. Oregon needs to stop passing the political trash.As Oregonians, we need to take a close look at why these people were re-elected. Since they are not all of a single political party, what do they have in common?

  • All were senior politicians or reaching that point in their power
  • All were strongly supported by their political parties despite their flaws

All were re-elected because their known flaws were more tolerable to the extreme members of their political parties than allowing the possibility of an opposition party win.

In the case of John Kitzhaber, the Democratic party of Oregon secured a win after the resignation by allowing a member of his own party to step into his shoes as governor of the State of Oregon.

Oregon came out strongly against the practice of passing the trash in education, but only was the stench of it great enough that a law was passed in 2009. Passing the trash is the act of allowing a teacher to move on rather than be subjected to a long, public investigation into (primarily) sexual misconduct involving students. In other words, a cynical, despicable process speaking of the worst sort of collusion between teacher organizations and the state.

We can do better than that.

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