Rethink Kitzhaber Because of Cylvia Hayes Federal Immigration Crime

Cylvia Hayes admits that she did it for money – $5000 – for a laptop and graduate school expenses.  Cylvia Hayes admitted her criminal behavior only after being exposed.

With Governor Kitzhaber running for a 4th term as Oregon governor, the last thing the guy wants to hear is that the First Girlfriend Cylvia Hayes, now his fiancee, has committed a federal crime in regards to the hot topic of illegal immigration. Cylvia Hayes committed a federal crime (now past its statute of limitations for the criminal, but not civil portion) by marrying an illegal immigrant for money.  She lied by signing and swearing to federal documentation.

For Cylvia Hayes,  it shows she’s of a class of people who believe their non life-threatening wants and desires trump the law.  This  isn’t a matter of race or gender. This kind of moral corruption and selfishness occurs among people of every race, gender or social background. There are simply too many people who expect forgiveness and sympathy for placing themselves above others, and the law.

I don’t doubt there is some real love between Cylvia Hayes and Governor Kitzhaber, and she’s doing whatever she can to make sure her moral corruption does the least amount of damage to his re-election campaign.  But any claim that Governor Kitzhaber absolutely didn’t know this part of this isn’t so easy to accept. He has, after all, been in a close relationship with her for 10 years.

For Governor Kitzhaber, it underscores an unfortunate trend – he is not paying attention to what those close to him are doing. He didn’t know the depths of the problems of Cover Oregon, and now he’s pursuing very expensive litigation with Oracle that will cost this state many millions of dollars with little chance of recovery. The reforms of PERS and also the Port of Portland union debacle are not entirely resolved, even though the Governor had a close hand in trying to reform them.

At one time, frustrated after his first term, Governor Kitzhaber claimed that that Oregon was “ungovernable”.  There’s no doubt to me that Governor Kitzhaber means well for this state, but its a state with a public with different ideals than him.

Governor Kitzhaber isn’t in touch with those around him – in government and on a personal level.  He’s a nice guy who thinks he knows the people around him. But what is really happening is that he just thinks he knows what’s going on around him.  Force of personality alone isn’t going to get the job done in a position that is both management and leadership.

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