Oregon Rural Schools Throwing Money Away and Ignoring the Basics

Six rural Oregon school districts among worst in nation at getting educational bang for buck says OregonLive with an average cost per student well above other districts.

Jefferson County, for example, spent about $11,700 per student that year, third highest among the 113 Oregon districts studied. Myrtle Point and Vernonia also spent more than $11,000 per student, compared with less than $8,800 per student in Hillsboro, Beaverton, Gladstone and North Clackamas.

OregonLive came through with investigating the one key problem plaguing all Oregon schools – abysmal levels of absenteeism.  No matter how much money you throw at K-12 performance, you can count on the actual result being adjusted by the percentage of time in the classroom.  Even the best instructor cannot observe, instruct, test and reinforce skills if the student is not present.

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