American Families Suffer From Illegal Immigrant Deferrals

The NY Times Program Benefiting Some Immigrants Extends Visa Wait for Others should rightly be called American Families Suffer From Illegal Immigrant Deferrals, for that is exactly what it is. This news was also reported in the Feb 9 Sunday Oregonian. The administration has prioritized deferrals of young illegal immigrants to the extent that Americans with the legal right to bring their spouses and families to the United States are now waiting up to or over 15 months.

Nutshell: American families who are abiding by the laws that keep all US residents safe and who pay for government processing themselves are being kept apart to keep illegals in the country. How do they suffer?

  • Important moves are delayed, causing families huge additional costs in supporting multiple households
  • Children education planning is upset as children cannot enter school according to a normal school year
  • Impact on job offers or other financial considerations as a result of not being able to plan availability

The important thing to remember here for every resident¬† in the USA is that those waiting for green cards go through a process of verification that is is supposed to keep dangerous people out of the country. Those applying for the green cards pay for every step of the process, and it isn’t cheap. It can include everything from x-rays to show you do not have tuberculous, to police reports showing that you are not a criminal to translations of public documents into English. The costs can reach into the thousands of dollars in some cases.

These are American families paying to ensure they do not endanger residents of the United States, and as a result of doing the right thing, they suffer for those who do not.

It is illegal for someone to enter the US on a Tourist Visa with any intent other than what is specified on that Visa. US Immigration has, many, many times, done immediate deportations at airports of spouses who enter using this method.  They do this because many try to come and work illegally in the US using this method. Also, even if you are awarded a green card during your stay of another visa, you are still obliged under US law to leave the country and enter again through a US port.

Not all that long ago, you could expect to wait up to five months. The process is bureaucratic, so you cannot expect service to be especially quick – even if you are paying for it. Five months at the most is a long time, but anyone with some basic planning sense can take that into account. If that means delaying deferrals, isn’t that fair to those who are abiding by the law?




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